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Blog Author: Annabelle Banks

Date & Time: 27th August 2015: 16:25pm

Hello everyone, today I want to share my blog with you. Today, I woke up feeling good and energetic; I asked myself what I will do with this energy, I thought, I will go for a run which I think it will be great for my fitness.

I always do like to keep in shape and since I love the outdoor, I went for a run and I stopped to catch my breath in the beautiful open garden in our town, so I took this photo, of the beautiful natural East African environment. What a beautiful morning!

My sunny Mama Africa .  


I hope this will encourage other people to enjoy nature more often and also keep our public gardens and the environment clean and safe.


Enjoy your day.


Annabelle x

Blog Title: Energetic

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Blog Author: Alma Faronda

Date & Time: 28th August 2015: 13:45pm

Blog Title: Analytics & Analysis

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Hello there, I am excited to write my first blog, but what could I say, well, the simple fact is I know I can talk about anything I want so I wanted to talk about Google Analytics which I find really fascinating. For a long time, I have been checking constantly on my Google Analytics to see where the most traffic to my website has been coming from and low and behold, it’s always Black Ebony Escorts.Com (BEE).

Its great to see that my photo advert on this directory is worth it.


I did wonder why BEE has constantly been the main source of traffic to by website which is designed by Fab Website Designs.Com, I can only think it’s because BEE is a "specialist directory" for "ebony companions" and also my webmaster does a great  job too as I also get found directly by my website in my location, but overall, BEE is always number 1 or number 2 between directly been found due to the hard work of my webmaster and my advert with BEE.


Since the beginning of this year my analytics diagram has stayed the same and this screen photo capture was taken this year June and it’s has stayed the same since then.

Thank heavens for Google Analytics, so I can track my top 10 to 20 advert referrals.

Amazing tool, google!


Thanks for reading my blog ;-).

xox Alma Faronda

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