BEE Rules :


1. Black Ebony is an international directory and not an escort agency. We do not supply individual escort or companions to any members or users of this site and you must be over 18 of age to use this site.



2. No pornographic photos or porn site links on this site.



3. All Free Listing must have BEE banner on both front page and links page, however paid adverts must have at least 1 banner on their site.



4. You understand that you are fully responsible for all content you supply or post on BBE, such as photos, text, contact details and that BEE will only publish the content you supply to us.



5. Black Ebony is not responsible for anything that may or may not happen between users, members or visitors of this site.



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7. Black Ebony is not liable to notify members or users of this site, any changes or modifications made to this site.



8. Members and users of this site are solely responsible of any/every communications made to other members and users of this site.



9. Black Ebony has the right to terminate profile of any member or users of this site if they don't abide by the terms and conditions of BEE.



10. You have read and understood the terms and conditions of Black Ebony


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